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Oakeshott XII Blade (w/ Crackly Magic)

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Hi everyone.


When I was a teen there was an illustration in a Dungeons and Dragons book of a sword that was shooting a lightening bolt, or energy, or something. The drawing showed the sword encased in wavy, crackling energy or magic or something.


Here is my attempt to capture that feeling in pattern weld. Minor inclusion near the base of the blade, but . . . meh . . . still looks okay.


This is an Oakeshott XII blade, copied pretty exactly from Peter Johnsson's design. I haven't come up with a hilting plan for it yet. Probably bronze fittings and carved blackwood grip. 


I still need to do some more sanding/polishing and then re-etch the blade. You can see on some of the broad, shiny stripes that some sanding marks are still visible. 


Hope everyone is well!









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It still looks like a +3 hit/+3 damage sword to me!

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This is really cool! Im looking forward to the rest of the sword


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That's got to be the wildest pattern I've ever seen.  The electricity definitely flow in that blade.



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hey Dave, creative and well executed. In the Chinese set of descriptors it would be a horse tooth, sanmai blade. Only, in Mandarin. I can't speak, or read, and don't plan to try. That deserves a special hilt. Have fun with it.

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