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My first railroad spike knife.

Stephen Ray

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A gift for a customer who gave me my improvised anvil. Working on my first seax now.



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Accidentally submitted before uploading.
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Grab the old wrench and throw a clockwise twist in the handle.


Easy way to really make it pop...



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It is already handed off. I will definitely do it for my next one. I have one good spike left.

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I do miner a bit differently than most folks as I draw down the whole spike and to me that gives a much better "feel" in the hand..as well as  providing "extra" material for the blade..




(Off to pick up after Elsa's visit last night)


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If you wish to know the price of freedom..Visit a Veteran's Hospital...I am humbled by their sacrifice... 

Why is it when the Mighty Thor throws his hammer he is dispensing Justice and fighting Evil..BUT..when I throw my hammer I wind up in a mandatory 16 week anger management course??</p>

I came into this world naked, screaming and covered in someone else's blood...I have no problem going out the same way...


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