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Coffin Frame Dagger Build

Joshua States

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3 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

It's called a frog.  No idea why, but that's what it is. 

Now that you mention it, I got curious as to the etymology.  


Apparently the origin is unknown, but a couple sources guess that it could be from the Portuguese "froco", which is from the Latin "floccus" (both meaning "flock").  But no real reason as to why that would be is given.  


It does appear to be different from the rail-yard "frog", where tracks cross each other.  Those are so named because the look like the frog from a horse's foot.  


The pictures at the end of this thread make a pretty convincing, if possibly apocryphal, argument.   

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These sheaths have a variety of names, depending on where they are made. Frog is definitely a common term for Europeans, and usually associated with the chape and throat sheath. I have also heard them called a "Mexican Loop" or just a "Loop Sheath" when referring to a single-edged blade like a Bowie.

Here is one I made a while back.


Combo V2.jpg


One of the overlooked benefits to these types of sheaths is that you can remove the sheath from the loop and just tuck it in your belt. The stud that fits into the loop keeps the sheath from falling below the belt.

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Whoever made that sheath did a great job.  I'm trying to think back on the Mexican loop sheath that I made and trying to remember how I hid the flesh side of the leather.



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