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I've had trouble sourcing quality Portaband saw blades in my area and I found 3packs of MK Morse bi-metal on Amazon. I am still using the first blade 3 years later. Excellent stuff...


BTW Joshua, your thread is really interesting, so I've been following and thought I should mention the MK Morse :lol:

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BTW- To anyone who is hesitant to "Hijack" the thread, don't hesitate to ask questions, offer alternatives, or side subjects. That only makes the thread better. I'm mostly interested in the sharing of knowlledge and that is a two-way street. So bring it on!

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A little side bar project spawned from this bar. I took all those little triangles and cleaned them up. Then I arranged them in a canoe with some 1095 powder.


8 Canoe Empty.jpg


8 canoe filled.jpg


After welding the canoe shut....


8 Canoe welded.jpg


I welded it in the press. I hot cut off the end and split the seam.9 Hot cut box.jpg


Forged the bar out to about 1" x 5/8" x 8" long.


10 forged out bar.jpg


Then a little surface grinding


11 Surface (1).jpg


And a light etch


12 Reveal etch.jpg


This will make something someday.....

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Well, after Liz's birthday lunch and some tile shopping, I got some forge time in. The bar got flattened out and I set myself to the profile shaping.

Template on the anvil

Profile forging (2).jpg


Forge the tip out and start the ricasso/tang area.


Profile forging (1).jpg


Start spreading to get the width I need, and establish the bevels


Profile forging (3).jpg


Draw the tang out fully and match against the template


Profile forging (4).jpg


This one will take a lot of grinding. It will not be fully forged to shape. The grinds have to be deep enough to to relveal 5 bars on the face of the blade. If I forge the bevels too thin, that will get lost.

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After a little more forging and tweaking, I was satisfied with the shape and straightness. So I clamp my template to the form, and scribe the profile.


3 Scribe template.jpg


After grinding the profile, I can strike the edge center lines. I also stike a center line down each face.


4 Edge center.jpg


Now comes the make or break it test. Grinding into this bar will reveal any flaws or voids in the welds.


5 Bevels 2.jpg


5 Bevlels 1.jpg


Nothing but clean steel is a good sign.

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I'm waiting for more - I LOVE daggers.  They are MUCH harder to grind and get right than they look to the casual viewer.  I admire anybody who can comfortably grind a dagger properly.


Good job, on both the grind and the billet.  Looking forward to the etch.

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