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I was recently contacted by someone through my FB page asking about a dagger I made several years ago (2016?). He wanted to know if I could make another one and how much it would cost. Now you know wh

After a little more forging and tweaking, I was satisfied with the shape and straightness. So I clamp my template to the form, and scribe the profile.     After grinding the profi

Well, after Liz's birthday lunch and some tile shopping, I got some forge time in. The bar got flattened out and I set myself to the profile shaping. Template on the anvil   Forge

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Chubby?!?! OK, now I'm laughing. As I said earlier, I am considering fluting this handle. I bought a video course by Kyle Royer on handle fluting (I highly recommend this) and I really want to try it out on something. I did a little sketch work today.

V2 fluted.jpg

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I feel the handle could use more swell toward the guard and taper into to pommel rather than swell in middle however fluted takes away the “chubby” appearance. I have no clue how this could affect fluting.

(like I could even attempt to do anything close too this!) 


Gary LT

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1 hour ago, Gary LT said:

more swell toward the guard and taper into to pommel rather than swell in middle

I have been looking at the shapes and profiles of fluted dagger handles for some time now. It has been on my "to-do" list ever since I learned about the ABS test criteria, and that was many moons ago.....


When you start to realize that there is no "correct" shape to these, you loose the constraints and open up the possibilities. Some are flatter on the sides, some are more rounded. They all have some sort of double taper along the handle edges. Whether that taper is longer from the swell to the pommel or longer from the swell to the quillon, seems to be a maker's choice sort of thing. 


I have seen some that have a prounounced swell towards the front spacer and a very long taper towards the pomelll. MS Steve Culver does this quite often, whereas MS Kyle Royer puts the swell more toward the center. 


I will play around with moving the swell forward and see what I think. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Today was a forge day for me and I worked on 4 Damascus bars and a chunk of 1095. (Stay tuned for more stuff in that lecture on Damascus thread). One of the bars is a bold and lower layer twisted bar for the fittings on this dagger.


So here is the idea. If I can pull this off, I will be very happy.


V2 Quillon idea.jpg


Here is the twisted bar. It was about 5/8" square before twisting. I did smack down the corners a little and made it a little tighter after this pic was taken.


Twisted bar.jpg


I partially requared it, spread and flattened a portion. This is now a little wider than 1" and about .27" thick.


Rough bar (1).jpg


The back portion is still square(ish) and will become the pommel in a 4-way stack.


Rough bar (2).jpg

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On your marks........


V2 ready.jpg



Get set!..........


V2 get Set.jpg




Switch to plan B......


V2 switch to plan B.jpg

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  • Joshua States changed the title to Ring Hilt Dagger Build

Back at it today after prepping a new twisted bar last weekend. This was some delicate forging using the O/A torch and a number of bicks, small anvils, and a guillotine fuller. 

I fit it to the blade and decided I needed to reduce the straight portion.


Try #2 (1)(1).jpg


Starting to make the curves.

Try #2 (2).jpg

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Minor progress, and I'm not sure I like this at all. I finished the forging on the guard.


Finished forging.jpg


Finished forging 2.jpg


Then I made and fit the 5-piece spacer package. Two twist Damascus plates and three .04" nickel-silver plates.


Hancock spacer.jpg


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