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So this is my 4th Blade ever and I decided to dive into Stainless for the first time. 

Steel is N690.

After Forging I did a 120deg and a 1500deg Equalize then I soaked for 10 minutes at 1900-1950 then I oil quenched after I heated up the oil to around 250-300deg and now I am Tempering 2x 2 hours at 250deg. 

I did try a hamon but not sure it will show on stainless.

I tested for HRC after the quench and it was HARD!! I have a cheap HRC file test and the 65HRC didnt touch it one bit! 


I dont have any foil pouches so we will see how it goes!



Added process
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Well, its all done and it was a hell of steel to move! Grinding took forever and it was tedious! 

Sharp as a razor and after tempering it is about 63HRC.


What do you think?




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