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Rapier Hilts

Eric Dennis

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I'd like to share two rapier hilts I've made during the past year. I practice historic Italian rapier (techniques of Capo Ferro primarily) and so it's a pleasure that these are being used in practice. I did not make the blades on either sword, however, I'm realizing I cannot find a blade that I am fully happy with and so am preparing to make one to my own specifications in the near future. Maybe I'll post here of my progress on that when I start. 


The grip on the first is Irish bog oak. On the second is ebony. The second hilt utilizes a few old fencing blades in the design as per the new owners desire. 


Note that since taking the photos the respective curves in the quillions of the second sword have been switched which is forward and which is back.


Thanks for looking.


DSC_0437 EDIT.jpg

DSC_0457 EDIT.jpg



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Nice work.  I can't read it in the photo.  Is the stamping on the second handle the manufactures mark of the original fencing blade, or your makers mark?  Looks like the marking at the base of an Epee blade :)


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Very elegant shapes, those are some impressive blacksmithing.

I love the re-use of old epee blades, not too obvious but recognizable for the initiated.

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