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propane bottle forced air forge


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Hello Everyone,

My 15-year-old kid and I built a forge. It doesn't have any IHT or ITC or the like in it yet. Still, it easily gets up to 2200F. I took pictures at 1200C (2192F).


bottle with feet.jpg


Bottle with angle iron feet


burner in holder.jpg


Pieces to mount burner and burner tube


drilling through mounting tubes.jpg


Drilling mounting brackets

tapping mounting tube.jpg

Tapping mounting tubing, but will also weld nuts on to give more thread and support.


swaging shims.jpg


Forging/swaging little shims



shims in place.jpg

Shims holding mounting tubes in the the right places.


hole saw mild.jpg


cutting hole for making mounting flange for blower. I have to get the blower connected to the gate valve.


welding bushing to plate.jpg

Welding bushing over hole, to make mounting flange for gate valve.


mounting bracket blower.jpg


In place over gate valve.




doors and screws.jpg


The stainless screws hold the wool while the rigidizer and satanite set.


inside forge with kaowool and kastolite.jpg


Inside. Kastolite 3000 floor.


whole thing.jpg


Notice the very complex brace for the weight of the blower. I am that sort of builder. Hitemp Tools burner, fyi.


whole thing front.jpg


Yes, that's my car and my house. I didn't make them.


coming up to temp.jpg


First firing.


2200 F.jpg


After tuning. 2200F or so.


thermocouple 1200C.jpg



new forge burning 2.jpg







plug welds.jpg

drilling through mounting tubes.jpg

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