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First time ever forging

Lee congdon

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Hi there, ive just built my very first basic propane forge after watching many videos online i couldnt hold myself back any longer and had to give it a go myself, theres one process which i dont quite understand yet and that's heat treating/tempering your blade. I understand why its done but i dont know how exactly you do it as ive seen some people heat it up to a glowing yellow then quench it and some people put it in a oven at like 400° for a few hours and some even do both of these, i was just hoping someone could shed a little light on this whole process and what those methoad achieve, i Apologize for the poor gammer




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You need to do both.  There is a lot of heat treating info in the Heat Treating By Alloy subforum.  You need to know what alloy you are starting with for optimal results and specific temps and techniques.  But in general here is the process:

  • Forge to shape
  • Normalize at least once, 2-3 times is better
  • Do major grinding/profiling
  • Normalize again, enough times to get 3-5 total cycles since forging
  • Heat to critical (watch for recalescence and decalescence as needed - this is the hot cycle you've seen)
  • Quench in appropriate medium (oil or water, most often oil)
  • Temper in a smaller oven like a kitchen oven (this is typically in the 300-500F range, depending on alloy and style of blade)
  • Temper again (always at least 2 cycles of at least 1 hour each)

If you are unfamiliar with any terms in this list, this forum is probably the best place to search for what they mean.  Have fun and good luck!  


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5 hours ago, JeffreyMiller said:

Jerrod Thanks....VERY helpful!!!!!

For help using the site search engine:

Using the site search engine - Beginners Place - Bladesmith's Forum Board (bladesmithsforum.com)

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