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Could it be yet another bauernwehr?

Bjorn Gylfason

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I guess that by now my love for nagel equipped blades comes as no surprise :lol:


Forged from a harrow spring and is 5mm thick at the front of the bolsters and tapers in all directions from there, no plunge lines and the tang is deeply fullered under the scales. Having no truly parallel surfaces really does make assembly fiddly but it helps capture the look and feel of the originals and is surprisingly light for it's size.


Scales are second grade ebony that I actually prefer over first grade ones as they have a lot more interesting colours.


I got various chunks of brass from my neighbor who used to be a toolsmith and it has been very pleasant to file it to form





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really nice, and I like the texture in the steel, the handle, and the shaping of the brass.

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