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Talk to me about grinders

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My Grizzly has been good to me, but I have determined that doing plunge lines on a Grizzly is akin to performing retinal surgery while riding a wooden roller coaster... 


That said, I'm ready to move up.


1. I don't want to build my own. I would love it, but perhaps love it too much. I got too many other projects on the list. I could spend a year tinkering with a new toy.


2. My needs are still pretty simple. A decent work rest and a good flat platen will do me for now. (I can already see that a small-wheel rig would be nice though)


3. I need variable speed.


I find myself on the fence between Ameribrade and Pheer.


Any others in that range as far as features versus cost?


I'm looking for reviews and advice from any experience users. I've watched a bunch of YouTube reviews, but I wanted to hear it from the folks I trust the most.


What say ye?

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I've been delighted with my old three-speed KMG. Variable would be nice, and the basic KMG is bulletproof. I haven't used the others, but they look nice.


And Rob Frink, the owner, went to Maryville High, despite living in Ohio now. ;)

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I have been happy with the Ameribrade I have as it is a definite upgrade from the Grizzly we have at least and the cost/performance so far seems to be good.

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I've  had a Pheer 1 horse variable speed for about 4 years.  I was limited in 240 outlets so I went with 110. As a hobbyist its fine. The 1 horse is fine however as you grow in confidence and you start trying to hog off metal faster you will bog down the 1 horse.  Its a solid piece that worth the money. BUT. if you can afford the 240  variable speed models  I think in the long run you'll be happier 

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I had a KMG years ago. I quit knife making for a while, but now I'm back at it.


This time around I bought a Northridge Tool package with the variable speed, tilt table, flat platen, small wheel attachment, articulating arm and a 10" wheel.


I absolutely love it! It runs great and there were no issues at all. It shipped fast and came packed very well. Phone support for any questions is quick and friendly!

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