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Although I am not officially in the KITH this year, I have been doing several 1 cubic inch knives lately as kind of side projects. The idea for this one came from Mace Vitale through Matthew Parkinson. Mace made a rather large ring out of 1ci and it got me thinking....


I took a piece of 1" drill rod (W1 steel) and flattened it out in the press

1 starting rod.jpg2 flatten.jpg


Once I got it down to about 1/4" thick, I punched a hole in the center and slotted it toward one side.

3 Hole punch.jpg


4 Slot.jpg


I opened it up with some chisels and started to spread the hole out.

5 Open slot.jpg




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I worked the slot/hole with a bunch of different drifts.

6 Drift.jpg


Eventually, I started using some of my axe drifts to enlarge the slot and neck down the sides with the drift in the slot to make a pear shape.

7 Neck down.jpg


Then I spread the sides and edge out using a cross peen

8 Spread.jpg


Flattened and refined the shape bit.

9 Flatten.jpg


After some minor shaping and clean up on the grinder

10 Start grind.jpg


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Very cool forging, I am still amazed at how much freedom you get when forging, the metal can be anything you want.


Is this going to be an ''ulu'' type kitchen knife?

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Freaky things happen sometimes when you are in pursuit of Hamon.


Hamon final (1).jpg


Hamon final (2).jpg

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Charles dP said:

Cool. Are you going to polish it?

The weirdness appeared after taking it to 9 micron sanding. This has a heavy texture I can only attribute to the long vinegar etch I used. The photos are taken after polishing with Blue Magic. I think I will leave this the way it looks. It is supposed to have a more "rustic" flavor.


2 hours ago, Alex Middleton said:

Im digging this little blade Josh.  Gotta feel pretty good to drop that JS after your mark!

I like it as well, and it's a keeper. I think it will make a good head knife for my leather work.

Edited by Joshua States
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