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When I first started forging some months ago I started banging on this piece of 1080 flatbar. I ended up working on it for a few hours before shelving it to try something else. I ran out of steel a few weeks ago and I started looking through my junk pile to see if anything was worth working on. I had forgotten about this piece and my first thought was “Why did I stop working on this??”


So I have it somewhat completed now. I could clean up the dark spots on the spine but I really like it’s current weight and I’ll keep them to serve as a reminder to not stupidly hit the spine like that. All and all it’s a pretty strong blade. I know the tree in my back yard is not as big as a fan of it. 
It was satisfying to work on, and I think a good starting point. I’m gonna call it a Guardless Gladius. 



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