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Do you mean some anti-scale compound so I can normalize in the kiln?

I don't have any refractory cement, and I'm careful about what I put in the kiln because I can't afford to replace it.
I try to get at least 2 uses out of each foil envelopes, so I considered using one of those for the 1070 blades, but I mostly make hunting knives in stainless and chef's knives in 1070, so the envelops are too small.


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No, I meant in the forge.  I agree about putting odd things in the kiln.  If you have some protective atmosphere in the forge you can do all the pre-quenching heat treat steps with no worries about decarb.

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Chicken & egg situation, if I could get my new burners working I could build the new forge with the proper bricks I acquired nearly 2 years ago and stick a pipe in there.....

Been thinking about this a lot seeing the price of kilns, before I've imported it....

Shouldn't say this out loud, but I'm pretty sure I got lucky a few times and did a better HT with a pipe in the forge than with the accurate kiln, specifically carbon steel blades......way less decarb.


I have a small container of something that might be water damaged refractory cement, I could never get it to set into anything usable so I might as well try the mix you suggested, can't hurt and no loss 

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Is Parks #50 the preferred quenchant for 1075?



HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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If it's the NJSB low-Mn 1075, yes.  That or water/brine, it was developed for hamon.


If it's Admiral or other high-Mn 1075, no. Canola or a medium oil is better.

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