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Karabela - a saber with bird shaped hilt ("semi" WIP)

Kris Lipinski

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Black Curse - this is how the Turkish name Karabela was interpreted. It sounds both menacing and picturesque, and it really is. This weapon, when equipped with a handle of the Polish type - eagle's head widening towards the beak - as a master Wojciech Zabłocki maintained, in the hands of a skilled fencer, was evoking respect and was able to inflict irreparable losses on the opponent's body. I just finished such a karabela. 

  The construction of the hilt of this type of saber is interesting - a strap of brass sheet encirceling the wooden plates is soldered to the sheet adjacent to the tang, which has a cross-section of more or less a triangle or a narrow trapezoid,which means that you need to put some effort so that the strap is ultimately in line the blade. I think it's easier to understand by looking at the pictures :)

 Bronze cast crossguard was made by Maciej Lesczyński - precisely according to the project.


I have put it in my blog as well.




Karabela skończona.JPG

Karabela skończona 1.JPG

Karabela skończona 2.JPG

Karabela skończona 3.JPG

Karabela skończona 4.JPG

Karabela skończona 5.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 12.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 1.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 2.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 3.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 4.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 5.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 6.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 7.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 8.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 9.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 10.JPG

Rękojeść karabeli 11.JPG

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This looks like the kind of project to make a man dig deep into his vocabulary whilst doing it. Well done for pulling it off well.


How did you do those decorative rivets? Or are the inlays? In which case, how did you attached the handle to the tang?

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Well. I used ready upholstery nails, and the wooden plates are riveted with thin pins (2mm) and then covered by decorative nails. Plus I used inside epoxy resin - not historicall, but it is inside the grip, so invisible.

And wood is merbau.

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Incredible. Such complex construction.

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