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So been a while, again..

covid has sucked for restaurants so haven’t had much time for knives but gotten a few done. On the plus side I’ve had plenty of time for research and development of my kitchen knives. 
first is Damascus in the 240 range. Old sledge handle for the wood. Going a bit thicker on the spine and thinner on the edges these days. Cuts like butter, still waiting to see how the Damascus performs in the long run though.

got a couple more I’m gonna add in a second post.






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Next is w2 a bit shorter, probably closer to 210mm same handle material, trying for a forge finish but mainly made this one to work out my heat treat on Japanese style edges.

was a bit chippy on the edge for a day or so , maybe had it a bit too thin cause after I sharpened it back out it’s been doing great since. Cuts really nicely, and is currently with a chef on a fishing boat up near Alaska so hopefully he has some good feedback for me.

and I’ll post one more



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Another in w2, with the same wood handle but it’s since been switched to ironwood. Been using this one all week and feels really nice, cuts like a laser though it’s got a bit more heft than my last daily work knife. This one and the one in the last post were both differentially hardened, this one has a pretty nice hamon though I’m not really planning on polishing it. 
Feel like I’m entering a new phase in my knife making, back to where I started. Back then it was a desire for a nice Japanese Gyuto that led me to knife making. 



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Good to see you back at it Justin. That's a nice looking piece of PW in the top photo.

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