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Uses for small pieces of micarta

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I use superglue to stick a small piece of micarta to my guards and spacers to hand sand the faces on a granite slab. Recently, I made a small Ulu and was trying to figure out how to do the finish sanding on the flats. Well, here's another use for the super glue and micarta trick. Next up will be folder blades and springs....


Micarta Block (1).jpg

Micarta Block (2).jpg

Micarta Block (3).jpg

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What superglue do you use Josh? I find the heat from grinding makes my superglued (wood) holding blocks pop off. Or do I just need to cool more frequently?

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17 hours ago, Charles dP said:

cool more frequently?

That is my guess. I keep a thumb on the workpiece when grinding. I can apply pressure where I need to. If it feels warm, quench and continue.

I use whatever glue I can buy at the big box home improvement store.  I also use an accelerator to make the glue set fast. A light smear on the block and two drops on the workpiece. Look for insta-set accelerator for CA glues. See what is available for your area.

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