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Travis Wuertz TW-90 with Surface Grinder and Rotary Platen

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I am selling my TW-90 Grinder with both the Surface Grinder attachment as well as the Beaumont rotary platen.  This has traveled from Alaska to Florida with me.  However, despite being well travelled it has very little use on it as most of the knife making I had imagined I would get to I simply did not.  I will put a few pictures up here but the full details I have placed up on Facebook Market place here:  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/369861538097351


I am currently located here in Eustis Florida and would prefer not to have to ship this to it's new owner.  I do not spend much time here on the Forum so the best way to reach me is most likely through the Facebook listing above.  However, I will check in here in the near future to see if there is any interest!





unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

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