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MY crack at Robs truck axe

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Different chalenge today and a chance to try something I have wanted to try for a while. First though I had to make a tool so part of an old pickaxe was the starting point.





The piece that was cut off had a use further into the project but the cut off arm was into the forge and drawn longer and had the tapers changed.



The rest of the head was into the forge and had the sides changed so they would hold onto a 5/8 rod and the wings cut off.


With a bit of cleaning up I welded it to the reshaped arm and had the drift I needed for the actual project I was going to have a crack at making. You can see the stub left from the other arm on the pick axe is now the striking piece on the head of the drift.IMG_20210831_135605.jpg

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With that done I cut a section off a leaf spring.



A put a short length of 2 x 1/4 mild into the forge and started the bend on it and a couple of heats and it was the right shape


The piece of leaf spring was into the forges and straightened then a tack weld to hold it in the right place between the wings of the eye
and the heat to welding temp had it stuck in place and starting to form down



A bit more heat and hammer had it forge welded together and could use the drift I made to shape the eye.


A bit more shape and it was starting to look like the intended object although not as neat and finished as those that do a lot of forging have them and even the proportions were not really ad well done as I might have liked but for a first atempt was pleased enough


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so now it needed a handle and a well grained piece of recycled Rimu was cut as a starting point



Got some shaping lines drawn on for a 23 inch OAL to allow for a bit more swing and impact than the short hatchet handles will give.



Cut out and started the hafting process



Finished the shaping and wedged the head and added some B L O sharpened it and had something that can sit in the truck as part of the few tools and bits and pieces I like to keep in case some help is needed on the road for me or someone else in a spot of strife.


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Pretty darned good for a first axe! B). I'm not surprised, you're a man who knows hand tools and how they should work. That's half the battle when making them.

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