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Rick Barrett Orc cleaver Colaboration

John Gage

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Hi everyone,



Here is some in process pics of a colaboration that Rick Barrett and i are working on. He sent me the finished blade, i carved the waxes and right now im working on the final assembly. The fiitings are bronze with steel talons and the grip is bubinga which will be carved with orc runes. I haven`t done any stats as of yet although the balance point is just above the gaurd. Ill post more pics and info as i progress.






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i wana play with it :(


kind of makes you wish you had that blade and a few orks to cleaver :D

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Wha that looks like it comes straight from a computer game :) awesome. nice touches. Looks like a something out of this world. really nice blade.

Great work

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Nice work, John.  How did you attach the steel talons to the bronze?  if solder, what kind?




Thanx guys,


Hi Tom, the Talons were set into the wax carving that i sent to the foundry then they were cast in place.







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That looks like it could cleave something (someone) in two. It's beautiful.

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Is the blade shape itself patterned off any of the game blades?

I had played World of Warcraft a little on my brother's account but took a hiatus since my girlfriend wasn't able to play too, and we were talking about both getting our own accounts.


Anyway I was playing one of the elves and early on got a knife whose shape I really liked. Gonna have to get me a picture of it and maybe make me one =]

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  • 5 weeks later...




Here are 2 finished orc cleavers. I just got them done while Rick Barrett was visiting for a few days and unfortunately he took them with him.

I will miss them :( .

We had alot of fun in the shop, plenty of belly laughs all around.









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