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Over the past few months the tone of the forum has shifted. I have had to break up fights, reprimand members, delete abusive posts and interact with members on and off the forum about posts that have created disruption. I personally have been attacked and baited. Through all of this I tried to maintain calm and believe I have shown extreme patience. The root of all this disruption comes back to one member, Tai Goo.


Tai is a talented and resourceful smith who has contributed a lot to bladesmithing. His body of work is impressive and his knowledge extensive. For these reasons and the fact that our friendship goes back over a lot of years, I have tolerated his behavior. He use to contribute to the general knowledge on the forum, but this has devolved over the past year into a disruptive presence. He seems desparate to interject on every thread often side tracking the discussion and greatly affecting the tone of the whole forum.


I realize that many of you have great affection for Tai, but I have decided to ban him from the forum. My decision is partly based on my responsibility to maintain a vibrant and information rich environment, but mostly it is because monitoring him and his behavior has become too much a nuisance for me.


Tai has his own group Neo Tribal Metalsmiths and those of you who enjoy his posts are more than welcome there. I will be sorry to see members leave, but for the good of the general community here, I would appreciate it if you would show us the respect and do it quietly.

Don Fogg

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