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I came very close to getting this one.  Well, not this one, the variable-speed option, same HP.  I think it was 700 for the vari, so I just went with the G1015.

I have a spare Shop Fox dual ceramic wheel grinder I've been thinking of modifying one side on, kinda like this.  Have one shorter grinder for handles, and the bigger for blade profiling.  If I get that multitool attachment -- seems the easiest way to mod something like that, I will have to let you know.

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I've looked at this attachment several times, and I never quite pulled the trigger on it.  It's one of those things that I believe I'd grow out of too quick.  HF also has an inexpensive floor model belt sander meant for metal work, I continually pass it up.  A 2X72 with manual or a VFD built in, after using one, it's hard to beat. I personally find little need for a grinder.  And I've also slowly but not totally eliminated ceramic grinding wheels altogether.  I almost always pick up a file instead. Draw filing has become something I've enjoyed in the finish work process, but my knives are never that big when I was making them.

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Files are good when the geometry of the blade allows you to set your bevels very close to final before the heat treatment. Blades with narrow bevels and thick spines like swords and hunters will do just fine.


But try and use that technique on a 2" wide blade chef :lol:

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I started off with one of those multitool attachments for my bench grinder - I hated it. The multitool is not very well made:


- The platen was *not* flat: it had a dip in the center and two opposing corners were high so there was no setting that made it even.

- Tracking was sketchy at the best of times, and the way it adjusts tracking is to tilt the entire platen/contact wheel assembly with that lever you can just barely see sticking out on the left side of the belt.

- The drive drum is aluminum and had quite a few casting defects.


And I don't think it's a good design overall


- Bench grinders are way too high RPM: belts wear out very fast, and steel gets very very hot with even light pressure.

- Bench grinders tend to have too low of a power rating. Jet's a good brand so maybe it's better but I could stop the 3/4 HP I had by pushing on the belt even a little bit. (I suspect the HP rating for most of them is a "marketing rating" peak theoretical no-load sort of thing, not real-world)

- The "disc sander" part is hard to get to because of the belt assembly and the high rpm makes it difficult to use without having your hand thrown into the running belt. I did not enjoy my hand hitting the edge of a 36-grit belt (should have taken the belt off, yes, but bad design)

- It only mounts on the right side, as shown: you can't easily move it to the left


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