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Nordic Hunting Knife

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This was commissioned by the manager of a deer estate for processing red deer. The references he gave me were 'Viking Knife' and the Tapio Wirkkala puukko, but the design took a lot of back and forth, as it needed a long, narrow blade as they are now required to go in through the pelvis for large portions of the cleaning. This is what I came up with in the end:


tapio 15.jpg


tapio 16.jpg


tapio 17.jpg


tapio 14.jpg


13.5cm blade, a little under 1/8th thick, in clay hardened 1095, with a mustard patina under a baked oil finish. Antique wrought iron bolster and pommel, mild steel pommel nut/bail, with a copper drawing ring. Fileworked copper spacers. Ring knot carved bog oak handle finished with linseed oil and wax. Tooled leather dangler style sheath. Let me know what you think...



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Jake I don't think I have saw one of your knives I didn't like and this is another great one!!

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