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Normalizing before quench...

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Alright, so I am about to do some extensive gold inlay on a blade which will need to be fully hardened.

This means that I need to cut all inlay-channels first - then harden the blade - and the do the gold inlay as cutting in hardened steel is a no-go, so channels must be cut before hardening.


So - to my question...


before quench, the magic number of normalization cycles seems to be three.

Now, I would like to cut that down to 0 - to prevent unnecessary buildup of scale inside the inlay channels.


So - this is what I have done currently... I have now normalized the blade three times - and plan on doing the engraving - and then heat and quench afterwards without heating and cooling the blade an additional three times.


Will this work?


Can I normalize the blade first - engrave - and the heat and quench immediately without the 3x normalization cycles? Or must the 3x normalizations be done right before quench?




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Short answer, yes. That's absolutely no problem.

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To expand on Jakes 100% correct short answer:  You can also fill the engraved sections with something (e.g. antiscale) to protect them during the final heat and quench.  Just want to make sure you don't go overboard and add too much insulating mass.  

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I typically normalize 3x after forging. I will sometimes do a single normalizing heat just before I go to quench, but this is only for steels that I am trying to form a Hamon on, or have otherwise suffered an abusive amount of grinding.

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