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Baby hydraulic press!

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Oh God, just when I thought “enough of this hammering crap”..........gonna build me a DIY mini-press like what we’ve seen before on You Tube.......then here comes the Dream Machine!!!

And it looks like the whole arrangement can fit within a 4’x4’ area? (I did take Johns advice and looked at Coal Forge 12 ton). This is sweet as well

I already thrown Her a bone about building an outside shop, (didn’t include running electrical cost yet!), now this beauty and more sleepless nights. Good night! :(:( When does it all end? LMAO!


Gary LT


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3 hours ago, John N said:


A 'log splitter' press is a very good option, just try and brace the frame, and remove some slop from the moving parts, the frames are really not designed for the 'dead stop' every 1 second you get forging! The power pack on this press is basically 'log splitter' with non standard pump / motor configuration!



Good point re: Bracing - any tips? Triangles are strong so I guess brace the body to the legs etc - Just wondering if the legs are built of sturdy enough stock & bracing is okay, or if they need replacing... I guess we'll see.


V interested in your forging presses... Have you considered a quick mailchimp email list sign-up to get notified when you've worked out a cost etc? I'd sign up and reckon others would, too! :D


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If you're considering a log splitter be sure to check diameter of cylinder because you'll need at least 3.5" for a 12 ton at 2500 psi.  Also check the GPM of the pump.  Most log splitters have a low GPM giving a slow ram travel.


Most of the log splitters I've checked had very little that could be used with a decent forging press.  By the time the log splitter got large enough to have useful parts, the cost was close to what it cost to build a good press.



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3 hours ago, Gary LT said:

(I did take Johns advice and looked at Coal Forge 12 ton)

Be sure to talk with them before ordering.  Their 12 ton press only has a 3" cylinder which gives 9 tons, NOT the 12 ton advertised.  As mentioned before I replaced the 3" cylinder that came on my Coal Iron press with a 4" cylinder that works good.

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That looks awesome John (though a foot-switch option may be required). Financially speaking it’s probably just a pipe dream for me at the moment, but I would definitely want to know the price of one once you have it sorted. Thanks.

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On 10/5/2021 at 12:08 PM, KenH said:

You did a good job on that press.  On this side of the pond I understand that's called an "H" frame.  As you said, perhaps the strongest design around for a press.  Is that 1"X3" solid steel columns on the side?  WOW, you're right, way overbuilt for 12 tons.  Is that a 4" cylinder?  Looks like a long stroke? 


I've recently got a Coal Iron press, the one they call a "12 ton", but is actually only 9 ton.  The one I got was only 8 ton due to mis-adjusted pressure on control valve.  My understanding from email correspondence with Coal Iron they designed the "12 ton" with a 3.5" cylinder running at 2550 psi which gives 12 ton.  Due to cost (or "ease of sourcing" is the phrase they used) a 3" was selected to run at 2550 psi which gives 9 ton.  My press was adjusted to only 2250 psi which is 8 ton.  I installed a pressure gauge so I could see the actual psi.


Link to calculate tons:  



I have since changed to a 4" cylinder ($133 shipped) which gives an honest 12 ton at 1925 psi.  I'm running it at 2250 psi for 14 tons and the frame seems to be holding just fine.  I ran some calculations and increasing 12 ton to 14 ton gives only an extra .001" of stretch to column.   


Link to calculate stretch of column: 



I don't mean to hi-jack the thread, but thought some folks might like the calculation info.


Ken H>

I have the Coal 12ton. Am doing the Wen 4" x 8" (CC4008) cylinder upgrade. Would like to add a PSI gauge as you did, but I'm not sure what t-fitting size I would need. Will you post a link to parts or DM them, please? Just want to verify I'm getting what I paid for - 12 tons. Thank you.

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With all the information on here I wanted to crunch some numbers for my Coal 12 ton. I couldn't find info for the motor on their website. They paint over the badges. 2HP motor with 4" cylinder is what their 16 ton is. Am I reading that correctly, if you rewire it from 115 to 230 it goes from 1430RPM to 1720RPM?



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Huh... 50 Hz is the European spec - I'm pretty sure US standard is 60 Hz. The RPM difference would really only make sense if it's 50/60 Hz, not the voltage. And doing some math...


10 hz is 20% of 50

20% of 1430 is 286

1430 + 286 is 1716


Which I would think is quite reasonably within rounding distance - I'm quite willing to bet it is neither precisely 1430 nor 1720


I think that placard might be trying to show too many things at once, to be honest.

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