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Quench tank from galvanised flue pipe

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Ok so making a large quench tank for things like swords is a problem for me- couldn't find anything suitable at the scrap yard. There also arent things like artillery shells etc in my country that i can readily use. However, i did find a flue pipe for a chimney at the local hardware store. 2 problems however :

1. Its very thin steel, but i guess a friend with a tig welder will still be able to weld this- provided zinc is of course ground away in the area to be welded, which leqds me to my second point-

2. Is a galvanised pipe OK as a quench tank? I dont see the tank getting hot enough for this to be a problem but perhaps im wrong? 


Anyone who is more knowledgeable of this, would appreciate their advice. 


Gareth Barry

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The galvanizing won't be a problem for quenching, but I'd worry your friend will never get a liquid-tight weld on the seam. And what will the baseplate be?


I bet there are well drillers in South Africa.  Find one of them and ask for a length of well casing.  That is thick-walled steel pipe that, in this country, comes in several sizes, with the usual being about six inches or fifteen cm inside diameter.  It is not galvanized and is safe and easy to weld on.  

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Thanks Alan

I think i know the stuff you are talking about- i actually did see some of the stuff at the scrap yard but avoided it because it looked unbelievably heavy for the yard or so length i would need. 

My plan was to use an exhaust sealant  eg 'gun gum' over the welds to seal them. For the base plate i was just going to use a square plate of mild steel? Large than the pipe to stop it from falling over. 

In any case, i think ill take the flue pipe to him and see if he can weld it- if not ill pick up some of the well casing . 

Thanks again



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Yeah, a yard-and-a-bit of well casing will weigh around 25 Kg...  I like to think that makes it steady. :lol:  A mild baseplate and gun gum is fine.  I used black RTV silicone gasket compound on mine, same sort of stuff.

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