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Santoku with “Old School” Handle

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I haven’t had a ton of knife making time lately, especially for projects other than custom orders, but I managed to squeeze this one in. A 6” santoku made from White #2 and 1018, the handle is nickel silver and basswood to emulate the handle construction commonly found on vintage Japanese kitchen knives. 







The grind is slightly asymmetric and it has a roughly 70/30 edge which I’m interested to try out. 


Pre heat treat and coated with a slurry prior to water hardening along with a 300mm yanagiba you may be seeing more of. Being able to easily straighten after HT is really nice for thin knives like this. 




The ferrule process. The strength of the metal makes the fit up much easier and also let’s you develop significantly more compressive force (I fit it ~50% down before driving it home). It’s nickel silver and hard silver solder. 

Thanks fie looking!

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Nice work Aiden. Is that a Peddinghaus 1Kg Swedish cross peen I see lying on the floor?

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Thank you Joshua, and yes, it is. I’ve been pretty busy lately with non knife stuff so I didn’t re hang it when the head started wobbling. I have plans for a (slightly) heavier Japanese/cutler’s hammer as well though I hate to admit I’ve forged my last half dozen knives with the crusty old hammer I use to hit punches/top tools. 

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