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WTB 2x72 belt grinder

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I don't get around here often but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I'm looking to get a 2x72 belt grinder.  I'd like a quality unit, with variable speed, it can be new or used.  My price range is under 2k.  Please PM me if you can help.  Thanks

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Finding used grinders is tough.  They haven't existed at the hobby level for very long and so the used units are thin on the ground.

2k is probably on the low end, but you might find a basic unit there.

Just so you know, I am not endorsing any one grinder, these are just the ones that come to mind (in no particular order)



Black Fox


Burr King





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It sounds like you might be better off building one. Using the site search function for "build your grinder" for all keywords, in topics only, you will find a lot of info on how to build one and people who have done it.

Searched for 'build your grinder' in All Content (bladesmithsforum.com)

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You can get into an Ameibrade for right around 2k.


I got one a couple weeks ago and it is great. I got the 2hp 220V variable speed, so you could get in for less.


I want to do a more formal review on it, but I'm bogged down on a commission job right now but hope to be free in a week or two.


I have been able to use it enough to appreciate it and have no regrets. Plus my wife was all for it, so that was a win-win.

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On 10/12/2021 at 8:59 AM, Don Abbott said:

I got the 2hp 220V variable speed, so you could get in for less

I would not recommend going smaller than 2HP and I consider a VFD essential. I have a 2HP motor and sometimes, I wish I had a 3HP........:angry:

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I ended up buying a grinder.  I have my new Reeder grinder up and running. Man this thing is great. Haven't had a chance to use it on a blade yet but I did bevel a piece of scrap. I can't believe how much time it cut from the old 1x30. I have used it for bolster material and a few other things. I just love it.  The one pic I didn't move the work rest into the right position for the large contact wheel.   The folks at Reeder especially Greg are great to work with. E-mails and phone are always answered within hours.






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