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Good Price Range and Ease of Reselling Shop Built 2x72 Grinder?

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By shop built, I assume you mean built by an individual from parts or a kit? As far as price, I'd have to test it first. I have seen excellent machines built by individuals, but have also seen some cruddy ones. If someone has built something and says it's good, they're obligated to prove it.


One of the primary thing I would look at is the tracking. I think anybody could tweak one to run a straight belt at idle, but what happens when you put some pressure on it?


As far as resale, it would depend on where you're located (cross-country shipping would be expensive), demand, and quality of the machine. If you've got a good product, a decent price, and a willing buyer, resale is always easy.

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That is reasonable for a non-variable speed grinder IF it works as advertised.  Not being a name brand the value will be lower than a known commodity, even if it works better.  Like Don said, though, location is important, those things are expensive to ship.

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