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Blind squirrel found a nut!

Alex Middleton

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After learning the wife was more open than expected to the idea of me buying an anvil, I did a bit more looking around on Marketplace. 

Lo and behold, somebody was cleaning out their garage!



This is the only marking I could find after a good bout with a wire wheel.  Looks to be a 208, and since I can barely pick it up, I'm guessing that's the weight.  The rebound looks to be 90%+ with a 5/8 ball bearing. 


Dang thing is almost mint!  It would be cool to know its age and maker, but since it's already mine, it would just be for the fun of it.

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Looks like a Hay-Budden made for a wholesaler to me.  Score!  If you look carefully on the same side as the weight marks, just below the faceplate, there may be a very faint stamp.  Since it has a plate, it's pre-1916-ish.


Good for you!

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Mounted and ready for a test run.



I'm going to wrap straps around to snug everything up once I'm happy with the height.  As it is it might be just a touch too low for me.  Toying with the idea of adding a layer of OSB to the bottom to bring it up a half inch or so.

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Alex, here is a couple of links to my Hay Budden. They contain some info about Hay Buddens in general!!  From the info that Alan shared with me I was able to determine mine dated back to 1914 and or prior. Mine weighed in at 143 lbs. Here is a pic after I restored the inlay that had some wash out over the years! The first image came out blurry and the second one I cut the top of the shot off! Just like a youngun, anvils don't want to stand still for a good photo! LOL :lol: There was just enough of the origional writing and by looking at pictures of those sales pics they used to sale anvils I was able to restore the writing on the anvil!!






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