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Arming Sword and dagger combo WIP

Chad J.

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I started with steel that was way too big so the excess grinding to get it where I want added a couple days on the build.    Thankful I spent the money on a good grinder.  I'm trying to get it finished this month,  but the hard part will be the leather on the handles.  The sword is 5160, the dagger is a rail road anchor.  At completion I'll post the stats.  












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Looking forward to seeing where this goes... You've got some nice initial and pretty classic lines started there.

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Is it wrong that I bring it in from the shop at night?  

Anyway a little more filling to do in the fuller and I'll be heat treating it, hopefully, Saturday evening while I hand candy out for Halloween.  I need to get a new battery for my kitchen scale but the bathroom scale says it weighs 3  pounds now.   The blade to the tip is a hair under 32 inches and I want it at 31, so there goes a couple ounces.  More coming soon. 


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