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A small and handy langes messer

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A short and handy langes messer just finished.


750grams with the pob just shy of 5cm from the guard
52.5cm blade and an overall length of 72cm

Blade is 6mm thick at the shoulder and 2.5mm close to the tip


Laws between medieval towns and cities varied quite a bit as to what size of blade you were allowed to carry but most I have found have been between 54-58cm so this would have suited the travelling merchant quite nicely to avoid trouble with any town guard


Though probably not exactly historical I went with olive scales as I just love olive wood. Let's just say the owner went on a pilgrimage to the holy city and on his way back he stayed in Sicily for a while and had the grip redone.


Got a couple more to finish before I start thinking about scabbards and possibly by knives




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22 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

You're really cranking these out!  I like olive wood as well.  

I'm finally going to the medieval market in Compiègne now in the end of November so hoping to finish at least two or three more to take with me to showcase:D

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