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Does anyone know how leather/doeskin/suede ito is made?  I think its thin leather or synthetic suede folded like bias tape with a center seam on the back side.  

Roughly 10-15 years ago there was a doeskin ito that was pretty popular for custom Japanese style swords that I think was made by a professional polisher without factory equipment, but I can’t find any information about it currently.


Ive tried a few half hearted experiments with 3-4oz veg tan (way too thick lol) and ultrasuede material and ribbon, but haven’t had any success.


For the next attempt I’m planning to try some 1.5oz garment leather cut into 18mm strips and a 9mm bias tape jig with a flat nylon ribbon as a core.  I could really use some advice on adhesives or if I’m going about this totally wrong lol.  Thanks for any info or leads 

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