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Best 2x72 Belt Grinders / Knife Grinders in The UK?

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My 1x30 has finally given up, so... any recommendations for the best 2x72 belt grinder for knife making, available in the UK (WITHOUT crazy import duties or excessively long shipping)?


Not looking for something made out of a kit, but rather something semi-professional or professional.


Thanks in advance folks!

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Alan, I saw where he is located.  I suggested that he watch my video.  He could buy my DVD and I could ship it to him reasonably.  He can build Moe's grinder from off the shelf bar stock and angle iron, which he may even have in his scrap pile.

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Wayne Coe
Artist Blacksmith
729 Peters Ford Road
Sunbright, Tennessee

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The nicest I've seen in europe are these claryx metalworks grinders, based in bulgaria I believe.



They had a table near me at a knife show so I got too look at them all day, and I've also heard people liking them.

Unfortantely I had just spent my money on a different grinder that I like a lot less.<_<


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Thanks everyone! 

I looked & looked and checked Clarxy and also Manchester Grinders (and many more lol!) - But in the end I went with a different one, partly due to shipping times (they could get it to me in a few days, whereas some of the others were 2 weeks to 6 weeks shipping times), but also because looked solid & well built (it is quite heavy, which I think is a good thing? Kinda reassuring anyway!)

So, I got this one in the end: https://www.multitoolproducts.com/product-page/84-engineering-2x72-belt-grinders 


I've not had a chance to use it MUCH, but did have a go with some 1095 steel (as I've got a few lengths to use for some making kitchen knives). It REALLY shifted metal, like... compared to the old 1x30, it's CRAZY how fast it shifts the steel! :D I got a stand for it too, so it's easy to pivot to work on it's side.

Only issue now... Need to finish the repair/rebuild job my my forge, so that I can heat treat the knives, as don't want to grind too much without heat treating for fear of warpage! So, guess tomorrow & weekend I'll be sorting that out and plastering the forge inside with refractory!

Thanks again everyone, appreciate your recommendations!

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