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Any ideas about where and when this might have been made? Wrought Iron Festoon with Drops

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I got this in an estate sale years ago and I've never been able to figure out how old it might be and where it was made. There are no makers marks that I can find. It is similar in design to festoons painted in the 1750s in France, but of course that doesn't mean it is from there or then. You can see a higher resolution picture in the Wikipedia under Festoon. If you want me to take a detail picture of any part, let me know. 


The variety of plant and flowers is remarkable. This is some fine work, as far as I can tell. It's about 36" from side to side and the drops are about 18" long.

Thanks for your help.


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That is lovely indeed!  It isn't fine enough to be 18th century work, though, in my opinion.  Looks like late 19th century to me, but certainly in the style of the late 17th century French work.  But I'm no expert on architectural iron, not by any means!  

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Lordy that's gorgeous :o! I got a long way to go before I make something like that, but now, darn do I want to make that!   


I looks like it's in very good condition, and makes me wonder, could it be something that would hang over a fire place, similar to a plaster molding. Maybe a bit small for that and the fact that it looks made to be viewed from below tells me its for something else. 


Age would be difficult to tell, its very easy to fake age. Methods of how it was put together might give you an idea but again, that's easy to hide. 


I'm also wondering if parts of it could be cast iron. 




Regardless of age and what it's meant for, I'd hang that on the wall right now.

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