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My W2 source

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Hey folks-



I have been getting a lot of email from folks who read on here about me having a source for W2.


WELL! That source was Mr. Brian Jones at Tremblay Tool Steels.


Very very sadly Brian was diagnosed in 2004 with Leukemia. He has been in and out of the hospital, part of which included a transplant. :(


SO... he is not able to work and ship out steel for us. As much as I like me some good 'ol W2... I definitely put Brian's health way ahead of that. He is a great husband and father that always bent over backward for me, and my good thoughts are for his 100% recovery.


I apologize to any that I may have mislead about the W2... surely not my intention.


On a side note, I will be getting some 1080 with Vanadium in it shortly for some testing. If it works out, then I'll be able to share here :D NO! I am not going to be selling it... just trying it out for a friend. It's already been lab tested and chemically proven to be 1080 with Vanadium.


Thanks guys!!!


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I deciced not to try and contact Brian after I found out about his health problems. That 1080 with vanadium sounds very interesting Nick!

Guy Thomas

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Sorry Jamie, I swore I responded.


I think I'm guilty of previewing my posts, and then forgetting to hit the "add reply" button! :ph34r:


I haven't contacted the emails that Brian gave me, as I'm kind of holding out to see what's up with this 1080V... it might just be the cat's pajamas.


I think it would be awesome in damascus with 15N20, as well as spectacular all on it's own.


Still don't have my grubby hands on it though, so I can't say for sure. -_-


As a side note, I remember Brian telling me they had a bunch of 6" and 7" round stock W2 at Tremblay. I think I'd be building a big-ass press, or trying to buy the 1500# steam hammer that a local lady has in her husband's old shop. I think my Carlisle would just squirm looking at it. :D



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