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Horizontal Carry sheath W/Magnet ?

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Anyone ever tried mounting a magnet in a sheath? A friend recently made a nice EDC knife for me but he isn't happy about the sheath he furnished with it. The sheath is leather because he doesn't like kydex. He wants to make another sheath. The knife fits snug but he is concerned the knife could fall out in the future. The only way I can think of to make it more secure would be to include a magnet. But not something he has ever done and I'm in no way a leather worker. Thanks for sharing if you have experience with this. 



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there is horrozontal carry and there is near horrozontal carry. I make my sheath with a 10 degree down slope and set the knives in deep so there is much less risk of loss and with the hot wax finish to the leather  giving a fitted and more secure hold.


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