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Sam Bell Inspired Bowie

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Just put this one together - another facebook makers challenge that got out of hand:


bell bowie 58.jpg


bell bowie 59.jpg


clay hardened 1095 blade -  I haven't measured it but it's about 8", and thin, not much over 1/8th", with a false edge on one side. Wrought iron bolster and mild steel guard, with mild steel and nickel silver spacers. the steel has been oil-blued, and the ns is sculpted and polished. Oil-blued steel pommel plate with carved mammoth ivory panels.  Macassar ebony handle carved with high relief knotwork, with steel pins. Scabbard is laminated millboard covered in lambskin, with a forged and polished mild steel chape, with a knurled bog oak bead at the tip, and a turned steel Sam Browne stud mounted on a sculpted NS face plate. This one took way to much time, but it was a lot of fun. Let me know what you think...

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That is about the longest list of whats in it that I have seen and it still dosent say how beautiful it is

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