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Up front, I’m not completely happy with this guy. A couple reasons for that; I’m an idiot and used stainless pin stock in the nickel silver bolsters, the bolsters I stubbornly decided to add to the knife after I’d already drilled my scales, and some fit and finish stuff that I really have to make myself spend the time in to get right. 

All that said, I’m still reasonably happy with this 4” EDC I forged out of 1084. 3 normalization cycles, quenched in warm canola oil, and tempered @ 325*F for two 1-hr cycles. 

Stabilized ironwood scales, felt liners/spacers , nickel silver bolsters and scale pins, and an experiment to make an aged-ish look on the steel. 

The steel tapers from about 0.160” at the butt to close to nothing at the tip. I drilled lightening holes in the tang to keep the balance right at about the back of the bolsters.




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