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Just finished this up for a good friend of mine:




7 1/2" blade, .135" thick, 15n20.  Handle is Jarrah.  He wanted it to be able to both cleave, and slice vegetables.  I wasn't quite sure how to accomplish that so I decided to bring the bevels up higher than I thought appropriate for a cleaver and then roll them back in with a slack belt to appleseed out the edge.  Time will tell how well it works, but the bit of testing I did with it seemed to do both jobs adequately.  Comments and critiques are always welcome.  Thanks for looking!

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3 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Sort of a Chinese cleaver (which aren't used to cleave), but beefy enough to cleave if needed.   

Kind of what I was going for.  It came out a bit flatter along the edge than I would have liked.  Time will tell how well his wife likes it.  She's a chef in the Philippines. :blink::unsure:

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It looks good Alex nice job, clean.......as far as the edge, I saw an Asian chef sharpen a new cleaver on a stone moving the blade edge parallel to the length. That wound up rounding the profile whether intended or not.


Gary LT

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