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Danish medievil fight book

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Watch these historians test out the traditional combat methods from Talhoffer's manual 




Edited by Garry Keown

Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



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While doing two handed sword research years back, I stumbled upon this guy interpenetrating the rules for a two handed sword use based on the Iberian style.  The manual is about the best description of how big swords were used.  Not battle field specific - most of the manual describes how one person wards off many and that the two handed sword is primarily a defensive tool.   I had trouble interpreting the manual this helped actually see it done. Most the moves are more to swat away a blade or warn someone coming at you. 


The real stuff is much more exciting to see than what Hollywood would ever put together.

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Not the best resolution in this video, but an interesting discussion.  I'm going to drop the presenter (Jean Chandler) a note and see if he can re-upload with a fresh "video" that is just the slides with the original audio.  


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