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Harrison & Howson knife

Jeroen A

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Blade inspired by Sheffield Harrison and Howson hunting knife.
Blade 4 mm thick XC75 steel, +- 60 HRC, 15,5 cm long.
Total length 27 cm
Bronze bolsters and liners. Sambar stag handle scales
Copper bolster pins, hidden handle pin and domed handle pin.


Any tips or critique are more than welcome.










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12 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

You certainly captured the spirit of the original!  Is there a hidden pin at the butt end, or are the scales just glued on?  

Thank you.

It has one hidden pin.

I Have finished blade blanks before, this was the first blade I ground and hardened myself.

The hole at the lower end was not centered well so I thought that it would look better with a hidden pin.

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