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Latest knife- Bowie

Torben Fuessle

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I just recently finished my second Bowie knife.  I’m learning more about fit up with hidden tangs and dealing with guards.  I used a technique I read on the forums by drilling out the inside of the antler and using the marine putty.  I forged a s shaped guard for it but it was not very tight fit so I used brass.  It’s 13 inch blade, 150 layer Damascus, with red stag handle. Pictures below are right after fitup without final sharpening.







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Knife and sheath certainly compliment each other. Either on their own would be fantastic but together they make a very handsome package. 

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Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



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Thanks Clint, I appreciate the feedback too.  I didn’t have any templates or anything so I used a set of French curves to design the clip point.   I would be interested in other ways of doing them, I read a few threads in the forums but haven’t done any extensive research on Bowie design.  Just by seeing examples it seems there is a lot of variety.

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