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Long term project - a preview...

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Hi everyone!


Hope you've all survived the Holiday feasting without too much abdominal pain! (and yet we have New-Year eve right around the corner! :lol:)


Anyhow, I've been working on this Seax inspired blade... It is not exactly historically correct - but I weighed my need for self expression higher than historically accuracy in this project.


Below is a preview of the blade itself. Currently I am working on the handle - more specifically the rear bolster. Engraving is a time consuming process I'm afraid... :rolleyes:


The blade length from where the tang meets the blade and to the tip is approx. 38 cm. 


All inlay is 24k gold wire, with the exception of the wolf's tongue - which is in copper. It is engraved like this on both sides of the blades, with the verse 40 of the Voluspá.


Side A:
40. In the east sat the old
in Ironwood
and there gave birth
to Fenris children;

Side B:
Just one of these
of all of them
becomes the moon-thief
in troll's guise.

Old Norse:
Side A:
40. Austr sat in aldna
í Járnviði
ok fœddi þar
Fenris kindir;

Side B:
verðr af þeim öllum
einna nökkurr
tungls tjúgari
í trolls hami.


And here's the pics:

Seax Preview 02- 01.jpg


Seax Preview 02- 02.jpg


Seax Preview 02- 03.jpg


Seax Preview 02- 04.jpg


And that's it for now. Enjoy the New-Year festivities everyone, and wish you all good health and prosperity in the year to come! :)




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Alveprins, incredible craftsmanship!  How many years have you been forging knives?  Would love to hear more about this knife and see more photos of the process.


Best regards,




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