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Ssswhat is this?! Cracked? Or dirt?


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As I started grinding the bevel this stuff appeared on the inside.

weird  spots + lines in the hardsteel(shirogami)

This is butter iron and shirogami forge welded


As can be seen by the quick polish, this is not part of the weld seam.

Or is it? And I just had carbon bleed into the iron?

I used cast iron flux.

Or did I while forming the tip fold and weld in some stuff?(cuz the shirogami shouldn't be this thick considering I used 1,5mm)


Or is it cracked and or ruined?

It doesn't quite look like a crack, it's not clean enough for that...I think???






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A dirty weld, with carbon diffused into the iron I would say. The dirtier the weld, the less both layers are attached. But considering the diffusion of the carbon into the iron, quite a significant amount of the surface between both layers must have bonded. 

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbarianmetalworking

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