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it‘s been so long that I last made - not to say posted anything knife related. 

Late last year the bug bit me again and it bit hard. So without any design process it kind of broke out of me…


I had a decent bar of an older german tool steel (1.2519), brass and stag at hand so I decided to go for the style of the old Sheffield bowies. 
The blade is flat ground all the way with approximate half an inch towards the cutting edge worked down to zero on the slack belt to get some more stability. 
Blade is a hair over eight and a half inches. 








I sincerely can‘t remember what made me pause my shop but surely making this knife has been some of the best time I had in ages!


Thank you for reading and all the best,



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I love the smell of freshly molten Borax in the morning...

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@Alan Longmire Thank you for the welcome - I really missed this place. 
For a few days I had looked quite some of Wostenholm, Wade & Butcher and the likes online and just ground out what seemed to come natural from there. Most of them had all straight handles and just a few of the more ornate ones had that bottle shape. The double pins were very appealing to me. It was a fun process to work without any sort of sketch and just let it happen.

 I am very glad you like it - this means a lot to me!

@Jaro Petrina Thank you!


@Gerhard Gerber Thank you as well! The simplicity had two reasons to be honest… One was that I really like the clean lines of the originals and wanted to somewhat match them, the other one was that I didn‘t want this knife to get over my head. It’s the first one in years so I tried to concentrate on fit and finish rather than a complicated shape. It‘ll be my personal carry knife when I‘m outdoors for camping and fishing.


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I love the smell of freshly molten Borax in the morning...

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What they said, plus that is a great looking gun. What is it?

"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


Nos, qui libertate donati sumus, nes cimus quid constet.

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Yep, old 16 gauge, black powder shotgun. Propably early Husqvarna (yes, the chainsaw/ dirtbike guys). A good friend of mine is into collecting and lets me come over to take pics of his treasures. This one‘s barely functional but a slick gun nonetheless.

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I love the smell of freshly molten Borax in the morning...

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