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Ferric Chloride etch on possible wootz Khyber

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I am getting ready to do an etch on an old Khyber knife that I was told was wootz by the seller. I have bought from him before and never been disappointed.  I plan on taking it to 600grit, hitting it with some acetone and putting it in a 3-1 ferric mix. Any suggestions on what to do after the etch? Just rinse in tap water, do a baking soda dip? I have only ever used vinegar before this will be a first for me. Thanks. How long should I leave it in for?

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For that, I would use short etches, like no more than 5 minutes, wipe clean to check progress, and when happy neutralize with ammonia or baking soda.  You don't want topography on wootz.

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