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Box Jaw Tong How to Video #2 in 3 part series.


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So over the last few years I have been building the blacksmithing school.   The gentleman whom has been helping me is also a forging person, and is into knives so it's been a great time. 


We have covered flat jaw tongs, and hot hardie.   With knife making in mind we setup a time to forge a set of box jaw..   the most difficult type as well..  

these are #2 in difficulty because of the small gap between the jaw pivot/boss and the jaw itself. 





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Hi Alan, It's my pleasure really..    Dick L.. has been so much fun to work with and to forge with..  

We have been making tools in the styles I like so has been giving him a new tool, lesson and skills refinement.. 

He and my patreon supporters have helped fuel the videos. 

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1 hour ago, Don Abbott said:

Great videos. Excellent instruction.


And dang, you can swing a hammer!


Yeah, I do all right in the metal moving department.. :) 

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I watched all parts and got a lot out of this Jennifer. Thank you for posting this series!

Gary LT

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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