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fuel spark-ology?

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I'm dabbling in making a spark arrestor for a Japanese style toolsmith forge,

first test: "I failed and poisoned myself with smoke and gases"B)
so before I go experimenting and buying meshes of different micron filtering sizes...
help, I'm poor

what is the biggest size a charcoal/coal particle would need to be in order to ignite?

what is the distance of travel of said particles. (100 micron = X distance. 400 micron= X distance. etc...)

what is the smallest size a spark would need to be in order to ignite a secondary thing, like a hot summer day-dried leaf 2 meters away?


I know this is a long shot in the dark and obscure as all, so even if there're no scientific mathematical equations 
I would also take guesstimates. 

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Hmm, I wouldn't even know how to start to guess.  Have you looked into the spark arrestor screens that have been mandated on chain saw engines? (exhaust)  That might be a place to start getting good info on the mesh size.

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