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My first damascus

Robert Mayo

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Well when i started making knives i read a book and dove in head first.

The book was called knifecraft by Sid Latham i did not know anything about making knives and still don't know a lot. Bill Moran done an article in the book on how to forge damascus so i went about buying a forge as i did not know you could make one. I did not have a computer so knew nothing of forums they are new to me. I gave up on forging and went to stock removal after pouding my heart out on this little blade. Now you have to know that i never forged a thing in my life and this knife started 3 times the size you see now. It's is forged from O-1 and mild steel with a whale tooth handle. My daughter done the artwork on the sheath.

Now i am going to try and forge just one type of steel at a time lol. Yes i know a little backwards what can i say!


Regards Bob



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Thanks folks but don't get me wrong i'm just new to forging i have been doing stock removal for a few years now i just started with this knife then went to stock removal. Now i'm going to start forging again.



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That is a cool little knife. And a great sheath too.

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